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Crêpes de France offers its best recipes of Pancakes

Some ideas for recipes for sweet and savory crepes. Accompanied by a small glassof cider * is always delicious.

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Ingredients : Powders of almond, nuggets of chocolate, vanilla pod, 2 eggs, roasted
almond powder, kirsch, sugar.

Ingredients : 
Powders of almond, nuggets of chocolate, vanilla pod, 2 eggs, roastedalmond powder, kirsch, sugar.

Make the cream almond with the almond powder, the eggs, the butter, the sugar and kirsch. Spread out this cream over the crepe and strew with chocolate nuggets.

Decorate with the almond cream. Make lines with the melted chocolate and make a decoration with the handle of a small spoon or a knife. Powder with almond powder and chocolate nuggets.


Ingredients : Lemon, sugar, water, butter, lemon juice and mint sheets for the decoration.

Creation : Take lemon skin in very fine slices. Remove the white part and cut in very fine peels. 

Put them in a frying pan with some water to bleach them a few moments. Withdraw the first water, put the gas while adding water and sugar and leave crystallized. Cook in a very gentle fire. 

Dissolve the butter on the crepe, add some sugar and the crystallized peels. Sprinkle lemon juice.

Close the crepe. Decorate with slices of lemon, small pieces of green lemon skin, strawberries and pour the remainder of crystallized peels on the crepe.


Ingredients : One mango, red fruits sauce, green lemon sorbet, mint, lemon and green lemon, for the decoration: sugar and vanilla pod.

 : Take the pulpit of mango, reserve a part for decoration and brown the remainder with some butter. Lay out the fruits on the crepe, cover with red fruit sauce, close again the crepe by leaving an opening. 

Decorate with pieces of red fruits sauce and add a scoop of green lemon sorbet when you are about to serve the crepe.


Ingredients : Rum, pineapple, butter, sheet of mint, sugar, vanilla pod, one tin of pineapple with the juice, cane sugar, slices of lemon for decoration.

Creation : Dissolve butter, add the slices of pineapple which will be cut, and two slices cut into two. Add cane sugar, the vanilla pod cut in small pieces, a lemon juice and sprinkle with rum. Withdraw the slices cut into two...

Place the pieces of pineapple already cooked on the crepe, fold by leaving an opening in the center. 

Decorate with the halves of cooked slices, the pineapple sheets, the cane sugar. Finish decoration with red fruit sauce and flame with rum. 


Ingredients : Slices of almonds and roasted almond powder, one banana, some sugar, chocolate and hazelnut spread, one lemon

Creation : Brown the slices banana with butter, add sugar, almonds and lemon juice.

Spread out the pieces of banana over the crepe, cover with paste to paste molten and spilt almonds. Fold the crepe and decorate with pieces of banana, chocolate and hazelnuts spread and almonds.


Ingredients : Coconut, roasted coconut powder, confectioner’s custard, coconut ice.cream.

 : Spread out roasted coconut over the crepe, cover with the confectioner’s custard. Strew again with the coconut powder and close the crepe. Decorate with pieces of coconut, confectioner’s custard and almond powder. Before serving lay out the scoop of coconut ice cream and finish the decoration with a mint sheet. 


Ingredients : Apple, brown sugar, butter, Calvados, cider, apple sorbet.

 : cut apple in pieces, brown them with butter and powder with brown sugar,. Add some cider. 

Lay out the pieces of apple on the crepe with a little bit of cooking juice. Close the crepe, decorate with pieces of apple. You can serve with scoops of apple ice cream. Flame with the Calvados. 


Ingredients : Red fruits, red fruits sauce, green lemon, kirsch, lemon sorbet, custard.

 : Lay out the red fruits sauce on the crepe as well as red fruits, add some custard. Close again by leaving an opening. 

Decorate with the red fruits sauce, the custard and the red fruits and lay out a scoop of lemon sorbet before serving.


Ingredients : One floating island, custard, caramel sauce and slices of almonds.

 : Place the floating island in the center of the crepe. Decorate with caramel sauce, slices of almonds and the custard. 


Ingredients : Orange, lemon, butter, sugar, Grand Marnier and three folded crepes.

 : Take peels on orange and lemon. Remove the white parts, cut in very fine slices. Dissolve butter, add the pieces of lemon & orange peels and, sugar, thaw with an orange juice and the Grand Marnier. Add the folded crepes. 

Sprinkle Grand Marnier and flame. 

Lay out on plate and decorate with orange slices.

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health. Drink it with moderation.

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